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About us

Diggy Books are an award winning educational publisher providing inspirational and functional resources.

With over twenty years experience working directly in the Child Care sector author Rebecca Sherry Glennon has a true insight into what works in order to maximise your contact time with the children by minimising paperwork and planning time. Imagine tools that work, that offer endless scope for planning, implementing activities and observing the children in your care in an easy to use, practical and holistic way.

Our products encompass a wide variety of fascinating activities for preschool, primary and afterschool children. From curriculum planning activities, science, free play and crafts to observation and assessment right through to diversity, culture, world festivals and celebrations. Adherence to Preschool Curriculum guidelines and Regulations is of paramount importance. Our resources provide you with the necessary guidance to ensure compliance in curriculum planning, observations and the well being of each child. Discover what a good curriculum consists of, how to implement and record it, and how to ensure that the children in your care are learning to the best of their ability in a fun, safe and inviting environment that reflects who they are and where they come from.