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Free - Mindfulness Cards

Free - Mindfulness Cards


17 Mindful Moment cards which you can keep handy and pull out at circle time/small group time.

Download the Mindful Moment Cards, print them out and laminate them for durability.

Place them in a nice box and put in a prominent position in your room so they are ready to be used during group time.

Children can take turns pulling out a Mindful Moment card each day and then the group takes a Mindful Moment together

The cards can of course be used individually with one child for a moment of calm, to help a child focus, regulate emotions and reduce anxiety.

I have included a mantra at the end of each mindful exercise, say it together with your group, or you can come up with your own positive, affirming mantra if you like!

You will probably find that some of the exercises work better with your particular group and they tune into them easier than others, that’s fine.

The important thing is that mindful exercises become a regular part of your morning and so the children will slowly begin to feel the benefit or self awareness.

These cards can also be used by parents, carers, teachers or anyone who wishes to introduce some calm moments into their child’s life!

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